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At FEPRE we have a team of professionals specialised in each of its functional areas, which, thanks to their training and experience, makes us a leading company in the most important markets in Europe. Our character, marked by the search for excellence in service, allows us to be trusted suppliers of the most advanced and demanding distribution channels, and to reach local markets throughout the entire country. We would like to thank our Stakeholders for their trust, and we will continue to work to provider the best assortment of innovative products, sustainable industrial systems and highly competitive prices.


Ferretería y Prensas, S. A., was founded by Mr. José María Coloma Pascual in 1956. Since our beginnings, we have been dedicated to the manufacture of components and industrial products of different metallic materials, produced by stamping and die-stamping.

Thanks to the great experience and investments in industrial assets, we specialise in the manufacture of ventilation grilles for the home, making constant investments in R&D to offer efficient and competitive products.

At present, we have an industrial plant of 4,000 m2 located in the town of Rubí, Barcelona, which has 14 presses with a production potential of 100,000 units per day, thanks to the automation of most of the industrial processes. In addition, we have a logistics warehouse that houses more than 3,000 pallets of finished product to ensure the level of service and punctuality in deliveries requested by our customers.

FEPRE materiales


Technological evolution and the diversity of materials has led us to make an important investment in the local production of injected plastic ventilation grilles, making FEPRE one of the few European suppliers with its own, locally manufactured injection moulds, which allows us to maintain the most competitive price in the market with the most optimal industrial costs at European level, reducing the carbon footprint and offering a local, high-quality product that can be supplied regularly.


Thanks to the investment effort, we can be present in all the reference distribution channels in the national and European markets, offering all kinds of solutions to any need, both for the professional and for professionals and the DIY and hardware sectors in the reference distribution channels.

At FEPRE we complete our product range with items for decoration and the home, such as folding supports for tables (patented model), shelves, brackets, TV stands or protection elements for parking, offering more than 1,500 references for hardware and DIY.


Offering innovation, technology and sensitivity through practical and everyday solutions, giving a new look to your home.

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FEPRE is an industrial, family-owned enterprise, specialised in the manufacture and distribution of products for ventilation and air ducting, in metallic and plastic materials. Thanks to our deep knowledge of distribution, we also incorporate and develop products for the home such as: TV stands, brackets, decorative shelves and furniture legs, among others


FEPRE aims to be a leader in the ventilation market, based on continuous improvements in cost, competitiveness and development of our offer and a rigorous quality of product and service as the formula for providing value to our customers, partners and shareholders.

The proximity to the distribution channel and the end user are the conceptual framework for the constant improvement and development of our products and services.


The 6 fundamental values of FEPRE are:

  • Honesty: Proposing to the market what it can really offer.
  • Teamwork: Allowing the personal and professional development of our collaborators.
  • Humility: With self-criticism, while listening to the needs of the market.
  • Environmental care: In the use of recyclable materials and with special attention to energy consumption, CO2 emissions and wastage of raw materials. Local manufacturing contributes to energy and consumption savings.
  • Excellence: Trying to improve our processes day-by-day to meet the expectations of our customers.
  • Respect: Assessing the repercussions that any decisions taken may have.


Sustainable Development Goals

Fepre has the vocation of being a sustainable and environmentally friendly company, which is why, since 2018, we have been implementing internal systems related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), framed in the 2030 agenda, which collaborate on equality between people, protect the planet and ensure prosperity.

In order to turn our contribution to society into a reality, we have based ourselves mainly on four areas:


We strive to be at the forefront of technologies that will enable us to increase our efficiency, reducing the use of raw materials and energy consumption; energy that comes from green energy.


We monitor production processes in order to reduce production waste and avoid an increase in waste. We also have an integrated waste management programme that minimises the recycling process.


We work to understand demand curves and adapt our production timings to maximise resource efficiency and service levels. In this way, we save unnecessary expenses incurred in urgent transports and personal dedication, and we increase the level of service and satisfaction of our distributors and customers.


We seek real equality between men and women. Empowerment, equal pay, equal opportunities and contracts, employment balance and all that is necessary to ensure the well-being of all our employees and stakeholders.

We are constantly evolving and committed to society, ensuring that our contribution will help to leave a better legacy for future generations.